Sunshines and Roses


Dianna Agron & Lea Michele


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Queen’s Lace


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Pairing: Faberry (Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry)

Lenghts: 1,574 words

Set around and during 3x17

You are familiar with recovering from an addiction – on some level at least. You’ve seen your mother get through it during your senior year. You’ve seen her – and sometimes even went with her – got to meetings, you’ve seen her talk about her struggles to stay off the booze, you’ve seen her cry on bad days, but you’ve also seen her get better, happier, healthier. You’ve seen your mother slowly get back to you, and it felt good.

You also had to deal with that, granted you weren’t addicted to smoking for as long as your mother was with alcohol. It just became a habit and your body got used it, to the point where you felt a difference when you didn’t smoke during the day. You could feel yourself get irritated more easily and all you could think of when people where talking to you was getting away from them and light up a cigarette. It didn’t exactly took you very long to lose the habit, but you felt the consequences.

Loving Rachel Berry was far worse.

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Seriously, why can’t fucking Faberry be canon? Like… STOP FUCKING WITH OUR FEELINGS, MURPHY!


Faberry + Hugs

Opening Night - Or rather the day after it.


A little (lol because 1000+ is little) ficlet because that one sentence of Quinn sending Rachel flowers gave me feels.

words: 1000+

rated: T

Summary: “And so she stuck her tongue down this complete stranger’s throat and had sex all over our apartment and I don’t think she even remembers where she left her baby.”

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Dianna Agron joins some friends for lunch in Los Angeles.